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Butter Toffee

Young Plantations Butter Toffee 14oz

A brand new sweet and crunchy treat. Butter toffee coated pecan halves available in 14oz.

Item # 40125

Young Plantations Gourmet Pecans in 2 oz. Boxes

Assorted Flavors - Item # 405212
Roasted & Salted Pecans - Item # 401212
Honey Crisp Pecans - Item # 402212
Praline Pecans - Item # 404212
Double Dipped Chocolate Pecans - Item # 403212


Butter Toffee

New Bulk Options

Two Sizzling New Flavors:

A. Jalapeno
Item # 40825

B. Sweet Heat
Item # 40525

Cheese Straws

Young Plantations Cheese Straw Tins in three delicious flavors

Made with only the finest ingredients, making each batch taste like homemade. 10oz.

Available in 3 flavors:

A. Hot & Spicy
Item # 354312

B. Fancy Pecan
Item # 354512

C. Cheddar
Item # 354012

Young Plantations Pecan Divinity Log Rolls

Mini Pecan Divinity Log Roll 2.75oz. - #M8403
A twelve pack of smooth, creamy divinity coated with premium pecan pieces. These are sure to fly off your shelf!

Log Rolls Only
Item # M8403

Log Rolls with Display Box (Box $12.00)
Item # M8404

Also Available: Large 8 oz Pecan Divinity Log Rolls
Item # M8408


5 o'clock Crunch

5 o Clock Crunch

3 oz. pouch
Item # 350312

6 oz. can
Item # 350612

14 oz. can
Item # 351412


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The Allure of All Things Southern

From where we sit down here in South Carolina, it seems that the outside world is naturally drawn to the southern states. Perhaps it's our wonderfully warm climate. It may be our charming cities where Southern hospitality and good manners welcome all comers. Some say it's our distinctive cuisine, which draws on a mélange of influences from the European continent to the Caribbean to Africa.

We at Young Plantations believe it's all of the above. In creating our catalog of delicious Southern treats, we have tried to reflect the charm, love of entertaining, and delicious foods that make our region so special.

As you look to stock your gourmet section or specialty store, we encourage you to include us. Year after year, Young Plantations is a best seller for gifts, entertaining and personal enjoyment.




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